Family picture hunt

on one of the islands of Paris

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Family picture hunt on one of the islands of Paris

City island family tour : picture hunt

  • The city of 100 bell towers: the tallest one, that is 142 m high (465 ft) belongs to the famous cathedral immortalized 30 times by Claude Monet
  • Legendary Normans: the Viking leader Rollon, kings Richard the Lion Heart and his brother Henry
  • Joan of Arc’s tears (chocolates): come and see if they are sweet or bitter
  • The legend of the Gargoyle: a horrible aquatic monster that used to terrify the population of Rouen

2000 years ago, a Celtic tribe, the Parisii settled on an island in the middle of the Seine River. After them came the Romans and finally the Parisians! 1 km long (0.6 miles) and 300 m. large (980 ft), this island is like a time travel machine. You will discover the most famous bridges of the city and its fascinating history, the peaceful Place Dauphine which was close to get demolished and a palace that counts 7000 doors.

An authentic fun guided tour in the heart of Paris for the entire family! While the grown-ups enjoy the guide’s stories, the young ones with their eyes wide open become picture hunters. They will sort out a succession of puzzles and, thanks to their polaroid, they will get into the exploration of the City Island. They will be given a treat at the end of the adventure and get to leave with their photos of course.
This private tour is led by a specially trained family friendly local expert guide.
And as a reward for this investigation, kids will get a treat at the end of the guided tour.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs

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