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Street Art tour

  • Art or vandalism? more and more present in the urban scenery, this kind of art is still prone to debate amongst fans, malcontents and the art world
  • Stress-free art: no more galleries, museums and art critics, street art is open to everyone and free of charge
  • French and international artists, famous worldwide, colour the streets of the capital city: Obey, C125, Invader, Miss Tic, Mosko et associés, Jef Aérosol, Jerôme Mesnager, Konny, Kashink, Clet…
  • Multifaceted art: tags, graffiti, stencils, knit graffiti, collages, posters, stickers, frescoes, mosaics

Since the beginning street-art has been considered as a transgressive mean of expression, the demonstration of a search for liberty. The taste for defying authority and the adrenaline related to it are part of this creative process. The street is not only the support of the artwork it is the essence of it. Urban art has now conquered the streets of the capital city but as well the heart of many Parisians.

Let Paris walls communicate with you! A guided tour on street-art is like a scavenger hunt. Humour, poetry or dispute are just round the corner. You will be alternately surprised, charmed, amazed and sometimes disconcerted but remain curious, look up, street art is everywhere and helps you rediscover the city. Follow your local expert guide to this urban art.

You can pick any of these neighbourhoods: le Marais, Belleville, la Butte aux Cailles, Montmartre, les Halles-Beaubourg …


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs

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