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Latin quarter guided tour

  • Lutetia : the Roman city along with its baths and forum was erected high up so it would keep away from the vagaries of the Seine river
  • Cradle of education in Paris : birth of the Sorbonne university, high schools and the College de France, unique institution without equivalent anywhere else
  • The Pantheon « to the great men the nation is thankful » : resting place of Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Pierre and Marie Curie, resistants from World War II…
  • Luxembourg garden : one of the nicest gardens of the capital city, very popular to the ones seeking relaxation on the pretty green chairs found all around

Located on the slopes of Ste Genevieve mound, the Latin Quarter is one the oldest neighbourhoods in Paris. It was named after the teaching language that was used back in the Middle Ages : Latin. Its bohemian charm continues to attract student from all around the world. To Hemingway in his book « A Moveable Feast », this quarter where he used to live was « how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy. ». Private tour only for your wih your Certified professional tour guide.

This private guided tour of the Latin Quarter invites you for a time travel : Paris during the Roman era, then through the Middle Ages with Hotel de Cluny and nowadays one of the most charming areas of Paris thanks to its cafés, bookshops, cinemas, libraries, and the strolls in the Luxembourg garden that boasts numerous statues.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs


Daily from 9am to 10pm
Closed January 1, may 1

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