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Montmartre neighbourhood picture tour, guided tour with a polaroid

Montmartre family tour: picture hunt

  • A charming village sitting on top of a hill: cobbled streets, stairs, one of the oldest cabarets of the capital city and a tiny vineyard
  • A place where painting has been a tradition for a while: Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso lived there and made way for watercolourists and caricaturists nowadays
  • The « I love you » wall: in how many languages are you able to say « I love you »?
  • Montmartre loves cinema: over 70 movies were filmed in the neighbourhood

Montmartre is the high point of the capital city and offers a spectacular view on Paris. It was once famous for the abbaye aux dames (Ladies abbey) that was sitting on a slope of the hill. This village has a mischievous soul as it is home to extravagant characters: a man who walks with his head in his hands, another one who can walk through walls, a painter who does not paint what he sees and a former Miss Egypt who was able to sing in 11 different languages!

Come and immortalize Montmartre neighbourhood through a family picture hunt! Kids have a list of challenges to complete and puzzles to solve. With a polaroid, the young investigators go searching for monuments and hidden details they have to take a picture of. It is a fun guided tour that makes you work out a little, as you are on a hill it goes up and down!
This private tour is led by a specially trained family friendly tour guide.
And as a reward for this investigation, kids will get a treat at the end of the guided tour.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs


All days from 9am to 7pm

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