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Saint Germain des prés chocolate and sweet tour

  • Paris, a party city : after the Liberation of Paris, young people (the zazous) gathered together in basements where jazz is played to listen to this new kind of music until the end of the night
  • Attraction pole of the post war intellectual world : emergence of the new modern movements in littérature, theatre, song, cinema, art, philosophy and photography.
  • Writing epicentre : many publishing houses, littérature prizes awarded every year and Champollion who discovered the secrets to hieroglyphics there
  • New artists of the neighbourhood : exceptionnal concentration of master chocolate makers, all very passionate and demanding

For a long time, St Germain des Prés witnessed the singular coexistence of clergy and artistic creation. Nowadays the latter prevails in the neighbourhood thanks to a new sort of artists : pastry chefs and chocolate makers who gave its reputation to the products they make with conviction. Like fashion designers they offer a collection of flavours and gave French chocolate an international influence. By the way, don’t we say French chocolate is one of the best in the world ?

Make an appointment with delicacies and your tour guide to discover taste artists and their background. Colours, shapes, flavours, some of these creations are proper jewels that will stimulate your senses. Some of these chocolate makers are treasure hunters who went to the other side of the world to offer you the best cocoa beans. Sophisticated pastries will also be part of the tour. Did you know that in St Germain a street was named after a pastry ?


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs


Daily except monday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed January 1, May 1 and December 25

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