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Louvre tour for kids

Louvre family tour : treasure hunt

  • A fabulous history: from a medieval fortress to a royal residence that was eventually converted into a huge museum opened to the world with its majestic glass pyramid
  • Kings and emperors kept a great number of treasures in this palace: 460 000 artworks, one of the richest collections in the world
  • Figures that would blow your mind: an exhibition surface area equivalent to 10 soccer fields, 10 000 steps and 14,5 km (9 miles) of corridors
  • The Mona Lisa: the most famous of all artworks awaits you with her enigmatic smile

The Louvre Museum, former palace of the kings of France is an ideal place to take up art history. Kids often wonder « Why does the Venus of Milo have no arms? Has this other statue lost her head?!! Oh, the Mona Lisa is so small !! » and like their parents they like to find out about the secrets of these masterpieces which your tour guide will reveal through a family experience. Our private certified tour guide will tell you all the fun facts related to these highlights. Our scavenger hunt at the Louvre is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Follow your private certified tour guide to find the clues…

While the grown-ups admire the museum masterpieces, the youngest ones have a mission to accomplish: with a booklet and a pencil in their hands they go hunting for clues to answer questions and puzzles about Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses of the Greek Antiquity, kings of France and Napoleon.
This private tour is led by a specially trained family friendly certified guide. And as a reward for this investigation, they will get a treat at the end of the tour.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs


Daily except Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Evenings until 10 p.m. Wednesday and Friday
Closed January 1, May 1 and December 25


Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the information desk under the pyramid. ID required.
Disabled access (wheelchair loan)
Baby facilities (stroller loan, etc.)

Direct, no-lines access : reservation required (for groups 25 people maximum per guide)

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