Fun guided tour of Rouen

for the whole family

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Fun guided tour of Rouen for the whole family

Rouen family tour: picture hunt

  • The city of 100 bell towers: the tallest one, that is 142 m high (465 ft) belongs to the famous cathedral immortalized 30 times by Claude Monet
  • Legendary Normans: the Viking leader Rollon, kings Richard the Lion Heart and his brother Henry
  • Joan of Arc’s tears (chocolates): come and see if they are sweet or bitter
  • The legend of the Gargoyle: a horrible aquatic monster that used to terrify the population of Rouen

Welcome to the capital of Normandy for a pleasant stroll in the streets lined with timber-framed houses. The old city overflows with treasures: the magnificent cathedral Notre Dame and its recumbent statues of famous people from Normandy, the emblematic Gros Horloge (Big Clock) that has a suitable name, by the way you will get to walk under its archway. Along the stroll beware of the city monster and the Vikings! The city of Rouen will be your playground and exploration place for this picture hunt with your tour guide. With your polaroid become a great reporter and solve questions and puzzles as you look for specific places. For instance, you will have to find a medieval sign, the oldest house in the city and the one where the explorer who discovered Mississippi was born… At the end of your great report you will get to keep your photos to share your adventures with your friends.
This private tour is led by a specially trained family friendly local expert guide.
And as a reward for this investigation, kids will get a treat at the end of the guided tour.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs


All days from 9am to 7pm

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