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Château d'Amboise

  • From feudal structure to refined Renaissance architecture. From symbol of war to love song from a king to his queen.
  • The King’s house, the Noble Guards’ Room, the Drummers’ Hall, the Council Chambers….
  • The Saint Hubert chapel, and the exuberance of the Gothic Flamboyant style, the mausoleum of a genius – Leonardo da Vinci.
  • A succession of conflicts: the Italian war and wars of religion, a complex and turbulent period.
A stunning Italianate palace on the south bank of the Loire, with an equally stunning view of the river, Amboise was a favorite residence of the French kings. The original medieval fortress had been extended into a chateau by the 15th century, but it was Charles VIII who, beginning in 1492, enlarged and rebuilt it extensively, blending French Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles to make it the architectural splendor it is today.

Tour 1: one-day classic tour (transfer + visit + free time)

During this visit your guide will cover the childhood of Francis I and the last tragic moments in the life of Charles VIII, the tumultuous conspiracy of the Protestant leaders.... Wrap up your visit by admiring the unparalleled view over the Loire from the terrace.

Amenities :

Disabled access (gardens, ground floor, 1st floor, audio set for 2nd floor)

Direct, no-lines access: reservation required for groups (50 people maximum per guide)

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