Orsay family tour

treasure hunt

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Orsay for families: guided tour in the Impressionist world

Orsay family tour: treasure hunt

  • A museum located in a surprising building that was not designed for that purpose
  • It looks old but these painters’ artworks were considered modern back at the time
  • Impressionism and Post-impressionism: painting made of dabs, whirls and dots
  • The colour and all its hues: snow that is not really white, multicolour shadows and faces painted with green

Along the river Seine, in the heart of Paris, Musée d’Orsay is a reference to discover impressionist painting, its influences and its legacy. Academic painting and its rules are left behind. Move on to modernity, trains painted by Monet, laborers by Caillebotte and Degas, open-air dance halls by Renoir and soothing landscapes that make you feel a light breeze.

Here is a tour where grown-ups can take the time to admire the magnificent architecture of the museum and its numerous treasure while the hawk-eyed kids go hunting for fascinating details to answer the questions of their booklet: who loved to paint using millions of colour dots ? Which painter used coloured and whirling strokes?
This private tour is led by a specially trained family friendly licensed guide.
And as a reward for this investigation, kids will get a treat at the end of the guided tour.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs


Daily except Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Evenings until 10 p.m. Wednesday and Friday
Closed January 1, May 1 and December 25


Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the information desk under the pyramid. ID required.
Disabled access (wheelchair loan)
Baby facilities (stroller loan, etc.)

Direct, no-lines access : reservation required (for groups 25 people maximum per guide)

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