The Mont

Saint Michel

The bay of the Mont Saint Michel

The bay of

the Mont Saint Michel

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The Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

  • “The Marvel of the West”: an important pilgrimage site for over twelve centuries.
  • The bay: scene of the largest tides in Europe, the medieval village and its ramparts, the abbey and monastic architecture.
  • Builders, pilgrims, writers: the men who built the legend of the Mont Saint Michel.
  • Religious and folkloric festivals for Saint Michael the Archangel, the culinary traditions of the town: La Mère Poulard, salt-meadow mutton….
Legend claims that in 708 AD, Saint Michael appeared before the Bishop of Avranches three times – the last time piercing a hole in the bishop’s skull for emphasis – to urge him to build a church at the top of this mount on the Normandy coast. Since then, the Romanesque abbey has been one of the most important destinations for pilgrims from around the world. This amazing site also offers a wonderful view over the surrounding meadows and sea.

Tour 1: one-day classic tour (transfer + visit + free time)

Climb with your guide the 350 steps leading to the monastery cloister and enjoy the spectacle offered up by this island and its bay. Get a close look at the 15th- and 18th-century walls with a walk around the ramparts.

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