Etretat and Fécamp

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Pearls of the Norman Coast. A nature tour


  • A place like no other : majestic limestone cliffs shaped by the elements characterise Etretat or the « alabaster Eiffel Tower »
  • Source of artistic inspiration : Courbet, Monet, Maupassant, Maurice Leblanc with The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin immortalised the place in their works.
  • Fecamp, land and sea : its harbour and quays lined with shipowners’ former dwellings, a museum that was once used as a warehouse to make salted cod are the sea-related connections of the people of Fecamp. The remains of the Dukes of Normandy’s palace as well as the abatial church dedicated to the Saint Trinity is what connects them to their land.
  • The Benedictine palace : the recipe of the liqueur made within this extravagant palace is still a secret

Located North of Le Havre on the alabaster coast (named after the whiteness of the limestone when blended with the sea), Etretat and Fecamp are former fishing harbours which became seaside cities with the rise of sea bathing. From Fecamp, sailors used to head for Newfoundland to fish cod or herring in the North Sea. The favouriste oysters of Marie Antoinette came from Etretat.

Come and take some fresh air following your guide along Etretat’s seashore then take the path that leads you to the top of the famous cliff. There you will enjoy the light effects like many painters before you.
You will later wander in Fecamp between the naval life and the presence of the Dukes of Normandy. You certainly won’t miss a visit in the one-of-a-kind Benedictine palace where the liqueur is produced.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs

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