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Picasso museum guided tour

  • Hotel Salé, listed national monument : a jewel from the 17th century to house the most important public collection of artworks by Picasso
  • The collection was born from original legislative measures : the heirs of the painters had to donate artworks to pay the inheritance tax
  • A double collection : an incredible amount of artworks by Picasso and his personal collection of African and Iberian masterpieces, and works from artists he admired like Chardin, Le Nain, Corot, Courbet, Braque, Matisse, Cezanne, Degas
  • All the work periods of the artist are represented : the blue and pink periods, cubism, surrealism…

The Picasso museum is the world’s most important collection dedicated to this pioneer of modern art as it counts over 5000 masterpieces and more than 20 000 archives. « Give me a museum and I’ll fill it up » : about a year only after he died the French State started the process that would match the will of the Spanish artist, that genius multifaceted man who spent most of his life in France. Enjoy this guided tour with your private certified guide.

The Picasso museum organizes temporary exhibitions to showcase its collection. Each one of them enhances an aspect of the work or life of Pablo Picasso. Depending on the day of your visit you will discover with your tour guide the technique and creative process of Picasso, his relation with other artists, the women of his life or the genesis of a painting… always with Picasso-related humour.


Tour 1: Classic Tour 2hrs

Opening hours :

Daily (except monday) from 09:30am to 6pm
Closed January 1 and may 1

Amenities :


Direct, no-lines access: reservation required for groups (25 people maximum per guide)

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